eMBArkers Foundation

We at eMBArkers believe that it is the faculty members who can make a difference to the future managers (viz. students) at the B School. However, given our experience and hands on work with the regional B Schools, we have realized that there is a great opportunity or rather a need to work with faculty members themselves for enriching them. With more than one lakh faculty members across B Schools in India, we make our CSR contribution by enriching professional lives of 1000 management faculty members each year.

Most faculty members have the following problems, due to extraneous factors:

* They lack the exposure to the latest pedagogy

* Have little exposure to cutting edge research

* Don’t have access to top faculty network across the globe

* Finally don’t have the motivation to move up the career path, given the very uncertain governance in most B Schools

The aim of eMBArkers is to “Build Bandwidth in Management Education”. And true to this aim, we are now offering a robust faculty mentorship program from Jan 2014 for management faculty members.

Key features of this program aiming at providing an in depth training for a period of one year to at least 1000 faculty members every year :

1. Provide them access to research resource available through association with Harvard Business School resource network

2. Provide research mentorship, to enhance their research capability

3. Provide pedagogy tools and techniques of academic excellence, to enable them become better teachers

4. Help them work closely with their students in producing intellectual output, that can help both the faculty and students

5. Give them access to IIM faculty network

6. This program is delivered online for maximum reach and convenience

7. This program is offered free to faculty members (from B Schools from across the country, maximum of 1000 per year)

Expected outcome of this program:

i. Generate one case study & research paper per participant by end of program

ii. This totals to 1000 research papers and 1000 cases in a year

iii. Target at least 10 research papers being accepted at the top international conferences like Academy of Management (AOM), Strategic Management Society (SMS) conference or European Management conference (Euram conference)

iv. Target at least 50 research papers being accepted in top domestic conferences like the Indian Academy of Management (IAM) conference

v. Target at least 500 research papers being accepted in other domestic conferences / regional institute publications in India

Estimated cost of research mentorship per faculty member: Rs 42,000/-

Fees paid by faculty members: NIL

Further details about application for this program will be sent to the B School heads soon. Watch this space for more details