Frequently asked Questions

What is eMBArkers?

eMBArkers is an educational venture under Vistiir Eduservices Pvt Ltd, founded by alumni of XLRI and IIMB. They have rich corporate, academic leadership, research & public policy experience and are interested in bridging the gap between the theoretical & practical world. The aim of eMBArkers is to Build Bandwidth in Management Education

What is E2 – E2 program?

E2 – E2 program is offered by eMBArkers for Management Students which is short for “Employability Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Exposure”. It mainly focuses on mentoring students on enhancing Employability and providing vast exposure to entrepreneurship.

What is the duration of E2 – E2 program?

E2 – E2 is an 150 hour program spread over three modules over 8 months focusing on Business Exposure, Start up Readiness and Corporate Readiness.

What is the eligibility criteria for E2 – E2 program?

This program is meant for second year MBA / PGDM students studying in AICTE approved management institutes. The program is offered via an institutional tie up only and individual student on their own cannot come on board.

What is the cost of the Program?

No fee in any form for platform access, classes, mentoring or skill development will be charged from the students/faculty of the AICTE approved institutions. This is entirely a free program, based on an innovative self-sustaining process. to create a launch pad for AICTE Management program students But time & efforts of students are expected as part of their commitment & there is zero financial investment requirement.

What is the reward for the participants of E2 – E2 program?

The top 100 (One Hundred) students are rewarded with Advanced Leadership Program at the prestigious campus of IIM – Trichy with no additional cost

How is the E2 –E2 program designed?

E2-E2 is an eight month program which is spread over three modules.

What is Real Business Exposure of a participant?

Real Business Exposure is Reaching out to customers, managing customer service, operations, accounting etc and to Understand more by applying basic management concepts in real life situations.

What is the expected outcome of Real Business Exposure?

The expected outcome is to be more confident in communication, time management, multi tasking, influencing people, understanding value proposition. Get the big picture, instead of silo wise understanding of individual functions.

What is Entrepreneurship or Start-up readiness ?

Entrepreneurship or Start-up readiness is the Practical understanding of "How to Build a start up"and it helps the students in finding a business model by being in the field rather than theorize in class rooms. And at arriving at a validated business idea rather than launch a business altogether.

What is the outcome of Entrepreneurship or Start – up readiness?

The outcome of the module is Ideation, validation, customer identification, engagement and readiness for a venture launch. It prepares students for "start up employment", which can be quite different than a regular employment.

What is Employability Enhancement or Corporate Readiness?

Employability Enhancement is to understand thought process of senior executives, gain corporate insights from their experience. Specific preparation for the recruitment process, readiness in terms of communication, body language, confidence and related soft skills.

What is the outcome of Employability Enhancement or Corporate Readiness?

The outcome of Employability Enhancement or Corporate Readiness is the Readiness to face similar situations, by having gained experience through others' journey. Face the recruiters with better confidence backed by good learning.

What are the Benefits, Rewards and the Features of E2 – E2 program?

The following are the Benefits, Rewards and the Features of E2 –E2 program:

Benefits: Holistic Managerial and Entrepreneurial experience, Real Business skill acquisition and Better Placements

Reward: Advanced Leadership Program at an IIM, for Top 100 performers at no additional cost.

Features: AICTE backed program which is Completely FREE, Convenient App / Online Training